Financial, Legal & Tax Advice


World Broker has a team with 360-degree experience in the financial markets since the early 1990s. We are able to provide financial advice to private and institutional clients and guide them to achieve their goals.
We can respond to any need, from the analysis of a single stock by providing our technical judgment to the analysis or construction of complex portfolios on any stock market.
We also cover derivatives, options, cryptocurrencies, forex market and we are also able to offer assistance in building algorithms or high frequency trading.


Thanks to our experience as traders, investors and then professional consultants, brokers and asset managers, we are able to understand all the needs of our customers to create new projects and businesses. Furthermore, we are also able to help our customers with the most suitable tax planning to minimise or in some cases pay no tax at all (zero) at an individual and company level.
Thanks to the best partners selected over years of experience, we are able to offer advantageous solutions and legal and tax support in these countries for customers who are resident or who want to transfer their residence to:

Switzerland, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Malta, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait.

To achieve a 0% taxation in Europe is possible and 100% legal:

0% Capital gain tax for individuals (PIT)

0% Capital gain tax for companies (CIT)

10% Salary tax with a company (PIT)

0% Corporate Tax  (CIT) in the case of a company with investments only business up to 5%/12.5% in case of consultancy and other business  without other taxes to be paid as a resident individual receiving dividends (Beneficial Owners).

If you would like to have a free consultation, ideas about how to change your life as investor and maximise your profits from investment or as entrepreneur, feel free to book a meeting with us.

In higher tax countries we also focus on United Kingdom, Turkey, Israel, Japan, South Korea,  AustraliaIndonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

World Broker.