Enrico Devito

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

ITALIAN TEAM, Professional Trader, Broker & Advisor since 1993. He designed a "Stock Picking" proprietary algorithm to over perform any equity Benchmark. Head of all portfolios, advice & fund set up.

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Pericle Cenci

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

SWITZERLAND TEAM, with a strong 20 years experience in brokerage and trading in physical metals (Gold, Silver, Options), Pericle is expert in securitization of illiquid assets and, through financial engineering, transforming it into a security (AMC).

Jinxin Chu

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

CHINA TEAM, he is responsible for licensing, corporate and personal income tax planning, capital gain taxation, Crypto exchange licensing, brokerage, asset management, forex and fund licenses. He worked in several CIFs.